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Become a  Friend or Patron of Durham Choral Society


If you are often in our audience and enjoy our concerts,

have you ever thought of becoming a Friend or Patron?  

There is no doubt that the loyal support of our Friends and Patrons and their financial contribution is invaluable to a choir such as ours.  Friends have told us they appreciate the ‘glorious music-making’ and ‘so much fulfilling enjoyment’ .

 We are keen to enlarge our community of Friends and Patrons to support the choir and we are introducing the new Patrons Scheme for the 2023-24 Season. 


Friends and Patrons 2023-24


Prof. D.A Wooff



Mr S. Bissell

Mrs B. Blakemore

Prof. M Blakemore

Mr & Mrs M. Bonnett

Mr M Chater

Mr  J. Curry

Mr R.A Cutty

Mrs A. Dumbleton

Mr  M. Lee

Mr & Mrs J. Lovell

Mr P. Reid

Mr & Mrs R. Richardson

Mrs S. Summers

Mr  D. Tarn

Prof. J.R.Watson

Friends are supporters who choose to make an annual subscription to benefit the Society. For the coming Season 2023-2024 the subscription will be at least £30.  By opting in to Gift Aid on the application form you can increase the benefit to the Society by about £5.50*. 

Patrons are supporters of the Arts who choose to show their support for the Society by  making  a one-off gift, currently at least £400. This gives the benefits below for life. By opting in to Gift Aid on the application form you can increase the benefit to the Society by about £80*.

 As a thank you  for your support and generosity you will receive:

  • Discounted tickets for you for Cathedral concerts

  • Complimentary ticket for the Christmas concert

  • The option to buy tickets for your guests at full price

  • Invitations to Society social functions and concert receptions

  • Recognition in concert programmes and on the DCS Website (unless anonymity is requested)

  • A personal welcome in Durham Cathedral

  • A free concert programme for each Friend or Patron

  • Bi-annual newsletter with concert reminder

  Please note that Friend and Patron Status are not transferable and that benefits are subject to change. 

 * Subject to HMRC policy

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